Sunday, May 15, 2011

Out In The Wild

Looking for wild animals...

The zebras where everywhere...

Lots of enormous elephants...

One of my favorite flowers; Frangipani....

Little thief...

Air balloon...

The top of Kilimanjaro...

Up we go...

Champagne breakfast out in the middle of nowhere... 

Beautiful elephant...

Kenya´s national bird...


Images by Marie

Last summer me and my boyfriend went on a safari in Kenya. 
And what an experience!
I just have to share some of it with you!

We saw a lot of wild animals, such as lions, elephants, zebras, giraffes, buffalos, monkeys and so on... It was so incredible to see this big, wild animals up close. 
Our guides name was Koi Kai and he was absolutely great! So patient and kind! He always had a big smile on his face and a joke for us. He had so much knowledge and was more than willing to share. We where very lucky to get to know such a wonderful person! 
We also took an air balloon ride over the big savannah, way up in the skies about 4000 m above sea level, we even saw the top of the famous mountain Kilimanjaro. Then we landed a random place (since you can´t control the direction of the air balloon) and had champagne breakfast in the middle of nowhere. There was even two chefs there preparing your eggs just the way you like them. 
This was a ones in a lifetime experience that we will keep in our hearts for as long as we live...


  1. Safari er kjempesepennende. Vet ikke om jeg hadde turt å bli med opp i ballongen derimot ;) knallfine bilder.

  2. How lovely! Enjoy the wonderful day, Kellie xx

  3. Ja, det er det virkelig, Kirsti :) Det var ikke skummelt i det hele tatt i ballongen så du hadde nok turt det ;) Hyggelig at du liker bildene!
    Klem Marie

  4. Thank you, Kellie!
    xx Marie

  5. Safarien min i Sør Afrika er det fineste jeg noen gang har gjort..
    Den opplevelsen av å være midt iblandt alle disse dyrene..og stillheten..sukk...
    Jeg skal igjen, sammen med min reisevenninne(har en fast som jeg pleier å reise sammen med på slike eventyr)..neste år!!
    Min drøm er Kenya står og på listen.
    God klem :)

  6. What beautiful photos! I went on a safari in Kenya and Tanzania and it was such a memorable and awe-inspiring experience...would love to go back again with my husband!

  7. Ja Martha, det er virkelig noe helt eget :) Jeg har veldig lyst å dra igjen, prøve et annet sted. Sør Afrika høres veldig fristende ut!
    Klem Marie

  8. You have, Kate? I would also love to go back someday! It´s a very special experience!
    xx Marie

  9. Flotte bilder, noe jeg virkelig drømmer om må være safri i Afrika!! Ser ut som dere hadde en fantastisk tur!!
    Ha en fin 17 mai!!:)

  10. Jeg kan anbefale det på det varmeste, Made in heaven :)
    Ha en herlig 17 mai du og :)
    Klem Marie

  11. Stunning photos Marie!I have never been on safari before.

  12. Thank you :) I can really recommend it!


Thanks for all your sweet comments! xx Marie