Saturday, October 1, 2011

On My Wish List!

E27 Socket Lamp

Dot Carpet

I love E27 Socket Lamp, it think it is simple in a good way! You can get it in many different colors, but I want it in grey since it is a classic and can go with everything. I also want many of them so they can hang together in a group. 
I also love Dot Carpet, it is beautiful and so soft to walk on. This you can also get in many different colors! 
You can take a look at it or even buy it here!


  1. We love your blog is wonderful and we are always here giving all the news, we are following you.
    Super Glorinha kisses.

  2. Perhaps some of these things will be placed under your Christmas tree?

  3. Well, I would love for that to happened!
    xx Marie


Thanks for all your sweet comments! xx Marie