Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Magazine Love

Images via We Heart It

I love reading glossy magazines. I think it is a little sad that the computer has "taken over" so much. Don´t get me wrong, I really enjoy the whole web universe, but it is something special to snuggle up with a really good magazine and just enjoy. 
I collect all of my interior magazines, my boyfriend thinks I am a bit weird for doing that. 
But I refuse to get rid of them, I simply love them too much!


  1. Nice - and I´ll never give up reading magazines. :-)

  2. I love reading magazines! It's just not the same reading on the internet.. Got a subsciption for BoligPluss for Christmas, so I'm a happy puppy!

  3. It's ok reading magazines, but above all I prefere reading ineresting books. But off course it's another genre.

  4. Marie, I agree with you, the computer does not give the same experience as reading magazines.

  5. I also love reading books, but as you say; it´s another genre :)


Thanks for all your sweet comments! xx Marie