Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Apartment Progress Part Four

We have now painted the walls in the living room
light grey, S2000N and the ceiling white.
I really love the soft contrast between the grey and the white!

Here you can see we have painted the floor in 
the master bedroom light grey,S1500N

A little close-up on the built-in radiators.
Turned out pretty great I think. 

"Working 09.00-17.00..."
(Actually it is more like 09.00-02.00)

An old authentic factory lamp I got from an old factory
in Czech republic. I have washed it several times already
(obviously I need to wash it again), put it apart and then
put it back together again. 
I am planning to hang it over the dining table...

Label on the old factory lamp, 
kind of cool I think!

I am planning to have four of these E27 lamps
from MUUTO in grey (yes, I do love grey)
in the hallway. Three in the main hallway and
one in the little hallway. 
(The two hallways are combined together)

Love these little babies!

In the master bedroom I have planned to hang five
of these beauties, Diamond Light...

...and they will hang from these sockets in brass with black
textile wire.

Love the brass, I think it will make the lamps very elegant and 

Images by Marie

As you can see we are getting closer and closer. Still have some work to do, but hey, considering what is already done that is nothing!
Only bad thing is that our countertop for the kitchen is delayed. But we have survived without a kitchen for two weeks now (we are staying in a very small bedsit while renovating) so I´m sure we´ll manage a few (or more like five) weeks more.
The good news is; we are actually moving in tomorrow! 
No, I know it´s not quite done yet, but we are so, so close, close enough to live there :)

If you haven't seen the other photos from the apartment, please feel free to have a look hereherehere and here!


  1. Yay - you go, don´t work too hard though! :-)

  2. I'm really very impressed over all your works and efforts to renew and clear up your apartament. It looks very exciting! Wish you good luck in the continueing process, still you have a lot to do I guess.

    1. Thanks :) Yes, still a lot to do...
      xx Marie

  3. OI. det blir jo knallfint. Skulle ønske vi turte male gulvene (har så lyst på hvite gulv...) Og hvor har du kjøpt trådlampa med bronsjesokkel? vi har flere slike trådlamper hjemme men kunne tenke meg en litt annen vri på soverommet :)

    God mandag

    Klem Kirsti

    1. Hei Kirsti :)
      Så hyggelig at du liker det :)
      Den har jeg kjøpt fra en dansk nettbutikk, her er linken

      Klem Marie

  4. Looks great! I love DIY´s I am following you :) Kisses! <3<3

  5. fabulous post, love. I hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day. if you get a sec, I'd love to hear what you think of my latest. xo

    1. yohoo!så morro at jeg har fulgt både bloggen til Linn og deg:)
      Gleder meg til å jobbe med dere!

    2. Hehe, det er jo morsomt! Verden er liten :) Velkommen skal du være!

  6. Wish you a fabolous and very romantic Valentines day in your new apartament:)

    1. Thanks a lot! It was filled with work, haha!


Thanks for all your sweet comments! xx Marie