Monday, August 27, 2012

Hue Of Cool Mint

Images Via Frame Publisher

This Parisian cosmetics shop stretches 20 meter long and a wood tunnel works as shelving display and connects the main shop in font and waiting room in the back. 
The cool mint hue covers the floor, ceiling and walls and gives the space a refreshing touch!
Worth mentioning is that the furnitures were all found in second-hand shops and markets.


  1. That is crazy cool! I swear, those Parisians come up with the most amazing stuff! (c;

  2. Litt kaldt ineriør etter min smak, men likefullt spennende og annerledes.

    1. Synes det virker rolig og behagelig med den kjølige fargen. Forfriskende!

  3. I really love that, might actually switch to mint for the walls in one of the rooms instead of white.. or at least 1 wall.. very nice!


Thanks for all your sweet comments! xx Marie