Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Perfect Stay Part 1

I would love to enjoy my breakfast here... 

I would love to enjoy an evening cocktail looking over the ocean...

Oooh, what a ceiling...

Images via Parrot Cay

This just has to be the destination on my next vacation. Parrot Cay is located in Turks and Caicos in the northern Caribbean sea. Everything about this place looks perfect, the location right at the stunning beach, the architecture, the interior, the food, the activities and so on. This place looks divine... Since I have found a lot of pictures of this gorgeous place I have decided to divide it in to 4 parts, so stay tuned, there´s way more "eye candy" to come...  


  1. I want to stay here for a while!

  2. Me too. Just relaxing and enjoying life!

  3. Enestående vakkert.

  4. Here I could stay on my next vacation. This place looks perfect in all ways.

  5. Likte godt takkonstruksjonen. Luftig og spennende.


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