Monday, November 22, 2010

Tiny Cupcakes

Images by Henning

This saturday I was invited to a cocktail party, so I decided to bring something homemade. I baked this chocolate cupcakes with pink buttercream. It´s not so easy to see on the pictures, but the cupcakes are tiny, tiny, tiny, only a small mouthful. Aren´t they cute? A friend of mine, Henning, took the pictures for me since, well let´s face it, I´m not the best photographer. So thank´s, Henning!


  1. Små og ytterst delikate. Imponerende hjemmebaking! Smaken er sikkert deretter, søtt og utrolig godt.

  2. Your friend Henning must be a pretty good photographer. I'm impressed!

  3. Takk for det, hyggelig sagt :)

    Yes, he is :)

  4. Har du något recept på dess små fina bakverk?


Thanks for all your sweet comments! xx Marie