Monday, January 31, 2011

Top 10 Decorating Tips

So, I just want to share with you my top 10 decorating tips on how to create a successful space.

1: Start by making a moodboard and collect pictures of styles you love. This will help you keep on track, cause it´s a jungle out there and very easy to get lost on the way.

2: Make a color scheme and work around it.

3: Choose neutral colors on the base interior such as kitchen, bathroom and expensive furnitures and add bold colors to the styling, such as pillows, walls, fabrics and so on. Remember: its easy to get tired of very bright colors so make it inexpensive to switch it out.

4: Add some personality. Pictures of people you love, items that you found beautiful and that means something to you.

5: Make sure to have different light sources to create the right mood.

6: Bring nature in, such as branches, stones and corals/seashells.

7: Don´t be afraid to mix old with new, expensive and inexpensive and different styles, it makes the space more interesting.

8: Don´t buy it all from the same store, very boring.

9: Be true to yourself, after all you are the one living there.

10: And last, but not least, surround your self with lots of fresh flowers and candles.

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Thanks for all your sweet comments! xx Marie