Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Holiday; Seychelles

This is how we gonna stay the second week...

Romantic evenings...

Beautiful flowers...

Unbelievable nature...

Look at that view... 

Wonderful spa treatments.. 

My boyfriend and I are going on a holiday to the Seychelles in the indian ocean. 
First we are staying one week on the island called Praslin in a cute and simple hotel. And then on the second week we are staying on the island called La Digue on a very nice hotel, 
We are very excited and can´t wait! We have been on the Seychelles before and we are just in love with this amazing place. It is truly paradise on earth!
Can´t wait to show you my own photos from this uh-mazing place :)

So, I will be gone for a while now, please be patient with me, I will return ;)
I have arrange a couple of automatic posts, so if I don´t reply on any comments or give you comments on your blog, that is the reason why.

Have a wonderful summer everybody :)
xx Marie


The Seychelles Archipelago consists of one hundred and fifteen islands in the Indian Ocean.
Mahé is the largest island and home to ninety percent of the population. The island of Cerf, Mahe´s closest neighbor, is part of the St. Anne Marien Park. 
Praslin is the second largest island on the Seychelles Archipelago. The Vallee de Mai Nature Reserve, on the island of Praslin, is a World Heritage site. The famous coco-de-mer, the world´s largest seed, can be found growing in the Reserve. 
Silhouette is the third largest island of the Seychelles.
La Digue, the Seychelles fourth largest island, is famous for interesting shaped granite boulders on its beaches. 
Aldabra Atoll, a World Heritage site, is part of the Outer Island group. Aldabra is the largest raised atoll in the world.

The Portuguese were the first Europeans to visit the Seychelles (1501 and 1502).  French colonists settled on the island of St. Anne Island in 1770. The Seychelles Archipelago was named after Jean Moreau de Sechelles, a french finance minister of the mid eighteenth century.
The french and the british vied for possession of the Seychelles. In 1814 the islands of the Seychelles (along with Mauritius) were ceded to Britain under the terms of the Treaty of Paris. Following the Treaty  of Paris, the islands of the Seychelles were administered from Mauritius. 
The Seychelles became a separate British Colony in 1903. 
Independence was achieved in 1976 and the Seychelles became the Republic of Seychelles. 


  1. Have a fabulous time-it sounds so spectacular!

  2. Thank you, Kate! I am very excited now :)
    xx Marie

  3. Åhhh så fantastisk..Gleder meg i hel til bilder!!Jeg holder på med priser til maldivene i vinteferien,tror det og blir amazing....
    Kos dere masse...
    Sommerklem :)


  4. Tusen takk, Martha! Er veldig spent nå :) Maldivene er også fantastisk! Vært der en gang før, helt nydelig :)
    Sommerklem Marie

  5. Wow. and I mean *WOW*! Jealous doesn't even cover it, what a gorgeous place! Enjoy every second of it! Can't wait to see the pictures!

  6. Very nice....
    Regards from France,


  7. What a gorgeous place! Enjoy the beautiful day, Kellie xx

  8. this looks super romantic - im jealous!

    xoxo, chrissy
    The Perfect Palette

  9. Loved this post, sounds like an amazing time ur going to have!
    Such a beautiful place.

    Have a lovely time.

    Abigail x

  10. Hi Everybody! Greatings from the Seychelles! Having a WONDERFUL time here, this is truly paradise :) Hope you all Are doing well!
    xx Marie

  11. Okay, I'm officially jealous! My hubby visited this island a few years back and vowed to take me on holidays there....it looks like paradise. Can't wait to see your photos. Enjoy!!! xo

  12. It truly is paradise, Emily! The most beautiful place on earth I think :) Can´t wait to show you the pictures... :)
    xx Marie


Thanks for all your sweet comments! xx Marie