Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Industrial Chic

Images via Rachel Whiting

I love this dining room. The windows, the lamps, the table, everything... This really capture industrial chic! 


  1. A little naked dining room, but at the same time I like it. Very practical chairs for the purpose.

  2. The large window gives this dining room a special style. Yes,it's industrial, but also original!

  3. Would love permission to use this photo in a style guide I'm creating for my clients. Really struggling to find "Industrial Chic" images, and this is perfect. Would only be used in print version for select few clients (less than 20), and never online.

    1. Hi!
      I am not the owner of this photo so it is not up to me. I found it here http://www.rachelwhiting.co.uk/index.html

      Good luck and welcome back to my page :)

      xx Marie

  4. By the way, I'm based in Australia!


Thanks for all your sweet comments! xx Marie